LouiseLouise Vignau, our Us office manager, takes the floor for a column dedicated to IT ecosystem in Silicon Valley in the aim to give you a lightning about new trends in this market in constant mutation.

What things you have to keep in mind if you want to make a relevant pitch:

I attended to two very instructive Pitch Sessions in the incubator ‘Runway’ (see photos below). I was impressed by how the young entrepreneurs had to convince a bunch of investors in only 4 minutes, presenting passionately their awesome start-ups, sometimes using fancy, attractive and high-quality PowerPoint!

Though, here are the most common and recurrent critics / Q&A and feedbacks the panelists addressed to the entrepreneurs:


–          HOW AM I GONNA MAKE MONEY??? : Here is the main question that 90% of the entrepreneurs do not answer when they pitch. They talk too much about the service/solution they provide and not enough about ‘How, you investors are going to make money with me’. Entrepreneurs should emphasize on their anticipated revenue stream and on how and when they will reimburse the investors.


–          TALK ABOUT THE ECONOMIC SURROUNDERS: What is the competitive landscape? Your sales force? How will you defend yourself? How do you expect your company to grow in the long-term? Have you thought about a special partnership? In others words: EMPHASIZE ON YOUR DEFENSIBILITY + THE REASONS WHY YOU ARE UNIQUE


–          ABOUT THE POWERPOINT: Panelists really appreciate succinct, elaborated and fancy PowerPoint BUT, they really insisted on the fact that, you do not need a slide show to attract investors’ attention; it is really not the core!


–          TARGET YOUR PITCH: Your pitch will be different if you talk in front of VC’s or angel investors!


–          LITTLE FOCUS ON THE APPS WORLD: The apps issue is ‘How will you drive massive traffic?’ as long as there already 10 million apps in the app store, how will you distinguish your app from the other? And, is there a real need for more apps…? As an entrepreneur, you have to tackle those issues

Panelists’ Q&A and Feedbacks


picth 2

The audience


pitch 3

The panelists’ concertation

By Louise Vignau From Rocket Space SF.

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