LouiseLouise Vignau, our Us office manager, takes the floor for a column dedicated to IT ecosystem in Silicon Valley in the aim to give you a lightning about new trends in this market in constant mutation.


What companies were there?


Line-up of moderators and panelists include industry leaders from SoDA, Motorola (Daniel Makoski), Econsultancy, AOL (Jeremy Lacroix), Adobe (leading integrated marketing efforts worldwide for Adobe, John Travis) , SapientNitro, Lucasfilm, Big Spaceship, Fuel, JESS3, d.studio (University of British Columbia), Google (Head of Partner Management for Google Niantic Labs, Mathieu de Fayet) and MCD provided their perspectives on the key issues and trends.


What did I learn there about the upcoming marketing issues?


What we see transforming our industry today is not about mobile or HTML5 or 4th/5th/6th-screen experiences, it’s about orchestrating experiences that shape users.


The problem:

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As the digital world changes almost every day, marketers’ role has to be proactive. What does it mean?


1)       They have to educate the customers (mini-lectures for their clients) and themselves (conferences for their own staff for example) about how to use technologies.


2)      Innovation labs in the companies are the future. It allows talent retention, new businesses’ creations and revenue growth. Innovation must be a general brainstorming in the company. No one should be excluded from the creative process because anyone can bring something!


There are no marketing reference models anymore, every marketer has to be flexible nowadays and thinks from the customer desires (“How do we create solutions for the consumers?”)


The problem is that companies make traditional advertising/marketing and then, they ask themselves “How can we do It digital?” You actually have to build your marketing/advertising the other way around!


The future is definitely touchscreen and multi-device reality [wanna know more about multi-device reality? Read this excellent brief article: http://www.advancessg.com/the-new-multi-screen-world-how-consumers-use-devices-together/]. Every platform (tablets, smartphones, etc.) has different functions and no one wants to be stuck in one platform. In others words, this is the end of click and keyboard!


In general, what companies do not understand about the actual world? They do not get that we have switched from a world of amplification to a world of conversation.


The panelists also tackled the data issue:


1)      About the privacy issue: people are willing to give data about themselves only if they know the purpose. The problem of privacy only concerns those who do not know what will happen with their information.


2)      Data is extremely valuable nowadays à two alternatives might happen in the future:

  1. War of data control
  2. Licensing and partnership: to put together data base


After conferences: Cocktail Reception for Panel Attendees!
Who did I have the chance to talk to?


Drodza Mark I received my first business card and talked a lot with Mark Drozda, Managing Director of FreshForm.Interactive (San Diego) which is a digital agency of thinkers and innovators that embraces emerging technologies in web, mobile and display devices to create digital experiences that enrich the lives of consumers and strengthen the brands of their clients. [Wanna more about this company? Go to http://freshform.com/ ]



Andrew OdellAndrew O’Dell, CEO and co-founder of Pereira & O’Dell which is an international award-winning advertising agency that combines techniques from traditional advertising, digital, pr and design to create innovative campaigns, programs and products that are in sync with how consumers behave today. [Wanna more about it? Go to their web site and watch their presentation video, it is amazing! http://pereiraodell.com]




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