RocketSpace had started as a co-working space for tech startups and has now started expanding its mandate from there to include fundraising, recruiting, user acquisition and forming partnerships with large corporations.


Now, with startups multiplying in San Francisco, RocketSpace (previously located at 181 Fremont Street) decided to gain some more square feet :


  • 225 Bush Street :  the RocketSpace Accelerator for seed funded tech startups. It largely replaces the function of RocketSpace’s previous headquarters at 181 Fremont Street, which has been demolished as part of the Transbay Tower construction.


  • 180 Sansome Street (50,000 sqft): RocketSpace Suites, a place for bigger startups that need more space than RocketSpace has been able to provide to date, as well as offices for use by corporations and governments aiming to cultivate ties with tech startups.


  • 128 Spear Street : an RocketSpace Annex of about 20 desks in the offices of Bear Data Systems, with which RocketSpace partners.


As it spreads out, RocketSpace continues to expand its business model. On July, the company is about to launch a new educational program called RocketU that promises over a period of 10 weeks to help qualified people get cutting edge technical skills, and possibly get hired by startups in RocketSpace. Tuition is $10,000, but students can pay less up front if they agree to share a portion of their salary should they get hired on leaving the program.


rocketspace extansion

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