“The Lean Startup Methodology, an alternative to traditional entrepreneurship” is the first meetup organised by EuraTechnologies, in the framework of the European project TWIST Digital.

twist sebastien sacard lean startup

The Lean Startup Methodology is highly worthy for young entrepreneurs as it teaches them how to create a startup and put a desired product in customers’ hands faster. The meetup organized on June, 30th was led by Sébastien Sacard, who transmitted its own approach on Product Management after 15 years in project management in small and large organisations.


One of the events dedicated to European startups

Most of the 40 participants in the room who aspired to become entrepreneurs, fully enjoyed the session.  “Very interesting conference with concrete examples and tips for a better understanding of lean methodology” says Lorène Vignaud, CEO of La Part du Gâteau, a project in incubation phase at EuraTechnologies. As the meetup has been recorded, people still can watch and enjoy the session on TWIST website.


EuraTechnologies fully involved in the TWIST project

This conference has joined the list of TWIST events: English on-line and recorded events dedicated to European startups. TWIST is a European project which fosters creation and growth of digital companies through the collaboration of European ecosystems. It is based upon 5 ecosystems, including EuraTechnologies.


Justine Sanson – EuraTechnologies

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